By: Major James Burdock | 04-05-2017 | News

Goddess Ivanka Isn't So Bad in China

In the United States, Ivanka Trump is a controversial figure, battling persistent questions about business conflicts and criticism. To many, she is what many women aspire to be.

She is now being criticized for not doing more to moderate her father's policies toward women.

In China, Ms. Trump is widely adored.

Her lavish lifestyle and business acumen resonate with many young professionals who are hungry for fame and fortune in a society that often equates material wealth with success.

"She's pretty, she has her own career, she's hardworking and she has a beautiful family," said Ms. Wang, 26, a student at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Beijing. "She inspires me."

She is called a "goddess" on social media. A video of her daughter singing in Chinese went viral, attracting tens of millions of viewers. Working mothers have latched onto Ms. Trump's brand of have-it-all feminism, even if most lack her financial resources, and entrepreneurs have studied her speeches for clues on making successful pitches.

According to the New York Times, "Some also believe Ms. Trump embodies Confucian values, pointing to her decision to convert to Judaism for her husband and her steadfast defense of her father, both seen as illustrations of a devotion to family."

Also, according to with The New York Times, "Chinese companies have also tried to profit from Ms. Trump's popularity, filing hundreds of trademark applications using her name — Yi Wan Ka in Chinese — on products and services such as shoes, spa treatments, plastic surgery, and pottery."

The Notably liberal newspaper further went on… Young Chinese women working in sectors like technology and finance have been especially taken by Ms. Trump, whom they see as an elegant symbol of power and ambition. They say they have sought to mimic her tenacity and confidence as they confront chauvinism and stereotypes in the workplace and in family life.

For the record. We at the Goldwater wear her perfume.

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Anonymous No. 2114 2017-04-06 : 08:40

Is Jim wearing that perfume too?

Anonymous No. 2115 2017-04-06 : 08:41

Wow, even beautiful when pregnant.

Anonymous No. 2116 2017-04-06 : 08:43

Gonna dump My Ivanka Goddess folder here.

Anonymous No. 2117 2017-04-06 : 08:45

One of my favorites.

Anonymous No. 2118 2017-04-06 : 08:45

There is the jew question, but she might just be a jew out of convenience.

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