By: Chris Yalom | 04-06-2017 | News
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‘Vasalgel’ New Contraceptive For Men that’s Injected into the Balls and Mimics Effects of Vasectomy

For many women, the side effects of hormone-based contraceptives includes weight gain, headaches, sore breasts, irregular periods, mood changes, decreased sexual desire, acne, nausea which is frustrating and unpleasant for some .

Now, a new contraceptive is invented that is specifically for male patients.

The new male contraceptive is called the Vasalgel. It is a polymer gel that is injected into the male’s vas deferens, a tube that carries the sperm to the penis. In other words, it is injected into the man’s balls.

It works by blocking the tube or the passageway of the sperm. It mimics the effects of vasectomy.

The difference between vasectomy and Vasagel, Vasagel is reversible. Unlike vasectomy where the vas deferens is cut, the Vasagel can be flushed out through another injection of a baking soda solution. The baking soda solution dissolves the implants and clears the blockage. The solution was found to successfully break down the gel.

Once the gel is injected into the scrotum, the gel remains in a soft state that allows water soluble molecules to pass but stops larger structures, such as sperm. The effect of the gel can last for at least 12 months.

Based on the new study, the male contraceptive can be reversed successfully after more than a year.

The contraceptive had been treated on seven rabbits for an average of 14 months, before the gel was flushed out months. The sperm flow of all the animals returned after flushing.

Dr Donald Waller, lead author of the new study, said that they were pleased that the sperm’s number and their motility were still the same before the treatment.

Contraceptives for men are mostly condoms which are important in reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections and decrease risk of pregnancy for women. No new male contraceptives have been invented in more than a century.

Another male method is withdrawal which has a high pregnancy rate and finally vasectomy.

Vasagel can be an option for male contraceptive since there are only few options available for men. What do you think?


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