By: Ron Cordova | 10-17-2016 | News
Photo credit: Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Our election is a fraud

Project Veritas (PV) has uncloaked the DNC's rigging methods with their new investigative video demonstrating how the Clinton campaign has been inciting violence to discredit Trump while foregoing ethics and the law. PV went undercover with FBI-trained operatives into Hillary's campaign to retrieve information about how the Clintons are rigging the show. The DNC is hiring mental patients to incite violence with the backing of the Super PACs. They are communicating through the Super PACs via "consultant" middlemen who pass messages back and forth in real-time. The collusion is phenomenal and the investigative reporting is unprecedented. While Hillary is not on camera saying she is aware of what is happening, her lackeys claim that she is completely aware via the chain of command. They also claim everything is setup in order to abstract Hillary away from the dirty work so she can claim, "I don't recall" when asked about it. This video is not the smoking gun that will force the FBI or DOJ to arrest Hillary, but it is an eye opener for her fans and the voter base who are still not privy to her actions.

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