By: Savannah Smith | 04-06-2017 | News
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UFO-Obsessed College Student In Brazil Feared "Abducted By Aliens"

A college student deeply interested with UFO has gone missing after working hard on a mysterious project. His disappearance has raised other people's speculations that he could have been strangely abducted by the very aliens he was obsessing about.

Bruno Borges, 24 and a psychology major from Rio Branco in the west of Brazil, disappeared from his home after working for a month on a secret project.

Authorities looked at the den where Borges worked in and found it plastered wall to wall with Illuminati codes and symbols. The police also found a statue of 16th century philosopher Giordano Bruno estimated to be worth £2,000. The said philosopher is credited for having predicted alien life. 14 encrypted book and signs associated with Illuminati were also found spread on the floor of the den.

Borges' father, Athos, a businessman, said his son has not been seen since March 27. He is worried that the student did not have money with him, and did not have documents with him at the time of his disappearance. The dad also said that the younger Borges has never gone missing before. They tried calling him on his mobile phone but it was off.

Borges was wearing simple house clothes of a T-shirt and a pair of shorts the last time his family saw him. He disappeared shortly after his parents have come back home from a month-long trip. His sister, Gabriella, said that on the month that they were left in the house, Bruno would simply lock himself in the den for many hours, and just kept working on his secret project. His parents said his room was normal when they left for a vacation and were surprised to see it covered in coded writing and symbols when they came back. They were also shocked to see the 14 secret manuscripts, each covered with a different Roman numerical.

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