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There's breaking news to report coming out of Great Mills, Maryland where a school shooting has happened at Great Mills High School.

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The entire facility is on lockdown as numerous law enforcement agencies have arrived to the scene including the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office, according to initial reports.

A spokesman for the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office has said the “incident has been contained,” although they've yet to release any additional information about a potential suspect or about any potential victims.

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Great Mills High School has an enrollment of slightly more than 1,500 students, and the student body was about 56% minority students and had a four-year graduation rate of 91%, according to the school's<a href=""> 2015-16 improvement plan</a>.

This is a breaking story, we will update it as more information comes in surrounding what appears to be the sixteenth school shooting of 2018.

As the Second Amendment remains under attack, we're reminded of the importance of both placing armed police and potentially hiring American Veterans as well as arming teachers to protect students as the mental illness dangers continue to rise in our nation.

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Anonymous No. 21008 1521556273

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Anonymous No. 21009 1521556694

Reposting it because of free speech:

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Anonymous No. 21011 1521559913

These false flags are getting out of hand. The Deep State needs a new hobby.

Anonymous No. 21013 1521560193

They are trying to divert attention from Zuckerburg's datamining fuck up.

Anonymous No. 21016 1521562055


You mean like how when the Netanyahu corruption scandal broke Sheriff Israel earned his new lambo by having his deputies crouch in the bushes for a more impressive body count?


Mr Moses No. 21045 1521580790


Anonymous No. 21046 1521584839










Anonymous No. 21077 1521626262

Feb 14. Mueller releases Indictments for Russians but NOT Trump. = School Shooting becomes the news

Mar. 20 FB Caught helping rig, not 1 but 2, Major US Elections… and we are not even discussing several in Europe still under investigation. = School Shooting becomes the news.

Could there be a tie in, or is it just a coincidence with the odds of something like 1 in 2.7 billion?

(Fubar Math —– 15+/- Million 8-12th grade students x 180+/- school days .)

Anonymous No. 21078 1521626578

I see the media initially ease off the School Shooting once it was learned and ARMED Security Officer quickly stopped the attack.

But as the FaceBook scandal developed and details came out … they started hinting the shooter killed himself and the Security Officer may have shot 1 of the 2 victims.

FACT: The Liberal Media can't be honest even when their own school kids lives depended on it.

Anonymous No. 21079 1521627086

Hint: It was never about the kids.

Anonymous No. 21080 1521627348

Gun control is always about money. This is basically how it works:

1. Short gun stocks

2. Say youre gonna take away the guns

3. Everybody sells gun stock

4. Profit

Anonymous No. 21127 1521656553


sammy is ALWAYS teh shooter

also, this:

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