By: Chris Yalom | 04-04-2017 | News
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Endoscopic Sex Adventure Hacked!

A sex toy named “The Siime Eye vibrator” has a built-in torch and endoscope camera. It allows user to record and share their experiences with a partner even online.

US firm Svakom manufactured The Siime Eye vibrator. It costs $250 and it can have the ability to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi.

The sex toy has a built-in light and an endoscopic camera that allows users to see what’s inside of their private areas. They can record and even share the pictures and videos. The New sex toys can connect to your iPhone and be played from your playlist

During testing, security company PenTestPartners has discovered that there is a problem with connecting the Siime Eye to the internet. Security researches have managed to hack the sex toy’s camera and access intimate videos recorded by the device.

PenTestPartners explained that anyone can access the vibrator’s video by working out the user’s password or entering the manufacturer’s default password “88888888” if it has not been changed.

Even some individuals who have advanced knowledge with hacking can have a complete control with the operation of the device, added by PenTestPartners.

If a user shares their home Wi-Fi, there is a big possibility that videos, Wi-Fi passwords and other private information can be sent somewhere without the knowledge of the user.

Last month, another sex toy company was ordered to pay a fine of over £3 million. Standard Innovation, the company behind another smart sex toy called the We-Vibe 4 Plus. It’s a £90 vibrator that connects to any Smartphone app via Bluetooth. This device allows the user's partner to operate the device remotely from anywhere in the world.

They were ordered to pay because the customers’ usage was being tracked without their knowledge or consent after shipping the “smart vibrator”.

Having excitement during sexy time is a choice anyone can make, but make sure your privacy is always protected.


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