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Photo credit: Syrian anti-government activist group

UK: Assad Responsible for Chemical Attack

When the government is run by terrorists, what can you do?

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has confirmed that The Assad regime is responsible for the latest chemical attack on their own people. So far, at least 58 people, including 11 children, has died from Tuesdays' chemical attack in northern Syria.

These terrorist are so cold-blooded that they take pride in killing their own children. Who knows what they are capable to do next. Can you imagine what would happen if they get a hand on some nuclear weapon? You and I would probably be too dead to talk about that if it happens.

The only way to tackle this problem is for the world's leaders should take a strong stand and destroy the Assad regime before they have the chance to destroy us.

The other thing that worries me most is the copy-cat effect. So far chemical weapons have yet to play a vital role in terrorist attack. Bomb is common among attacks, and those terrorists have shown no problem stealing a truck and run people over. But chemical attack is on a whole new level of scary.

Do you know that it only take a few gram of Sarin to kill hundreds of people.Chemical weapons are not as easy to detect like many other weapons. And the world hasn't done enough to protect us from such an attack, we are pretty much doom if some evil guy gets their hands on a few kilos of sarin. The authority really needs to put more resources on this.

This is the problem I have with the United Nations. They claim to be the superpower who can protect the world and the children, but so far all I can see is failure after failure to control, or even monitor any crisis ever happened. The North Korea Kim regime are flying out weapons every other day to threaten the west to give them more attention; Iran is totally out of control; China is trying to start a cheap labor war with everyone. And don't get me started on Syria. The out of controls in that country has made it a time bomb for our planet. Syrian refugees are flooding Europe and they are threatening to spread across the ocean into the United States. Seriously, world leaders get your head in the game and do something about this before it's too late.

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