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As a large asteroid heads closer and closer to Earth, NASA is busy coming up with ideas to safeguard the planet from destruction. The asteroid named Bennu has a 1 in 2,700 chance of crashing into Earth on September 21, 2135, so NASA is planning to destroy it with nuclear bombs before it can reach Earth.

While the odds of Bennu striking Earth are low, NASA still wants to err on the side of caution and neutralize the potential threat while it is at a safe distance. NASA thinks they can destroy it with nuclear bombs to ensure the planet Earth's survival. The Bennu asteroid is currently orbiting the Sun at about 54 million miles from Earth.

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It weighs in at around 74 billion pounds and is 1,600 feet wide. The close flyby past Earth is scheduled for September 2135 and even the small chance of it hitting Earth is enough to prompt NASA to find a solution to avoid potential disaster. The National Nuclear Security Administration and two Energy Department weapon labs are working with NASA to design and develop a spacecraft called HAMMER to deliver the nuclear payload.

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HAMMER stands for Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission for Emergency Response. According to NASA, the HAMMER would be able to deliver the nukes to the asteroid. NASA is also considering other ways to divert Bennu from reaching Earth. If the asteroid were small enough, the HAMMER would be able to destroy it with an 8.8-ton "impactor" that could smash the asteroid.

If the asteroid is too big for the impactor, the HAMMER will destroy it will nuclear bombs before it can reach our planet. Testing of the HAMMER spacecraft is scheduled to being in mid-October where it will be placed in various altitudes to expose different parts of the SRC to direct sunlight and initiate outgassing.

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Anonymous No. 20914 1521445667

So erm, what if it isn't on a collision course, and they blow it up *and cause collision*?

Have they thought about that?

Anonymous No. 20918 1521453550

Take the redpill you mouthbreathing fucks

Anonymous No. 20920 1521459234

So here we go again…. Something that is projected to happen 100+ years from now unless we toss a pile of R&D $$$$$ at it.


An when it does not happen the people to blame will be long dead and used as escape goats.


IF the 1 in 2700 prediction is to be considered close. Then NASA would have to be able to figure out all the UNKNOWN variables that could effect our orbit for the next 117 years, 6 months and 2 days. Or, did they forget our solar system spins and moves in the Milky Way and this Space Mountain leaves and returns passing several strong gravity fields along the way? All of which could easily effect its orbital path by 1 inch 100 millions miles from here.

If you care to do the extrapolation that could result in 100's of 1000s of miles of change when it gets near Earth.

here is the research paper.

Now let us remember NASA :

1. There have been dozens of Space mountains NASA and the ESU missed detecting until days and hours away.

They cannot even figure out when and where large Space Station radioactive parts crash .

2. They provided data to support a the coming Global Ice Age in 1970's-early 80's .

They championed Global Warming in the 80-90's and provide supporting data for that.

3. They find rocks on the South Pole that survived getting here from there and reentry they say. The same rocks that then survived a few millions years on Earth in that Polar weather. An then used that rock, that just happened to be sliced up and find something inside they called life… all to fund a whole series of new Billion $$$$$ space programs.

So they understand they need another long term gig to stay in operation, since commercial businesses, like SpaceX and others are doing it better, cheaper and quicker now.

Either way I'll be long dead, so let the Liberal-Socialists around 2127 start worrying about this Space Mountain. Because at the rate the Liberals-Socialists are trying erase our borders, disarm us and tear down America, why should we be focused on this ? Let their incoming Global-Socialist or Islamic government handle it.

dale No. 20983 1521530253

it does not take a lot to change the course, that all that tis needed.

Steve No. 20918 1531046053
Amen to letting the world ncoming Global-Socialist or Islamic government handle it it next century. I cant count the amount of "settled science" that has changed in my lifetime.
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