By: Savannah Smith | 10-17-2016 | News
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Trump Silent Supporters Will Give Him A Shocking Victory

Don't believe the polls - either they're not telling the truth or not capturing the complete reality of this presidential election.

That said, if the elections will not be rigged as earlier floated by Republican nominee Donald Trump, the candidate is confident his sea of silent supporters will see him through and land him victory come Nov.8.

Trump believes the polls are failing to capture his silent supporters or their sentiments, in part also because of the prevailing 'conspiracy' that he believes the polls are part of, along with the establishment and the pro-Hillary mainstream media.

Trump's claim of silent supporters may not be without basis, as each of his campaign rallies always manage to draw in huge crowds, often by the thousands. And this is something that can not be easily dismissed.

The Republic presidential aspirant is confident he can- and he will- spring a major surprise come elections- ala- Brexit.

It will be recalled that it was heavily expected this year that British citizens would vote to stay within EU, but the shocking revelation came after the elections when those wishing to exit EU surpassed those who voted to stay.

There's another theory that Trump is floating to support his silent supporters claim. Although it maybe unflattering but could hold water- that many of his supporters are just shy or afraid to articulate their support for him, fearing the harsh impacts of social stigma from those who are vocally against him. It does not help, of course, that Trump is controversial and in the homestretch of the campaign, his contenders are digging up distorted, fabricated or exaggerated past dirts to ruin his chances with a number of voters.

Trump believes that many of his supporters would not openly admit their support for him, given the scandals and criticisms pointed at him. But come election day, when it's just between them and their ballots, Trump is confident, these silent supporters will choose him.

Recent history may also be on Trump's side as opinion polls or surveys have not accurately predicted populist unrest around the globe, especially in cases where supporters of a movement have been dismissed as either immoral or uneducated.

Good example is just the recent vote in Colombia where voters rejected the proposed peace accord between the government and Marxist rebel group. Ahead of the vote, several polls predicted that the proposal would have a resounding approval from the citizens by a margin of 20%. Critics of the peace accord were branded and dismissed as morally inferior. But apparently, as was shown after casting their votes, the " morally inferiors" outnumbered their opponents as 50.2% voted against the peace accord.

And there's of course, Brexit. So maybe, Trump is in good company after all, and may yet spring a stunning surprise on Nov. 8.

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