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CIA Operatives Regularly Pose as Russians While Hacking

In another massive leak, Wikileaks has dispersed 676 source code files claiming them to be from the CIA. These 676 files of source code contain evidence showing the CIA used misdirection to pin the blame for their own hacking activities on foreign countries including Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. The files are a part of a series of leaks by Wikileaks called Vault 7. The CIA's proprietary software called 'Marble Framework' is designed to cover up any tracks of a hacking attempt and to insert viruses and trojans all while masking their true source and disguising any clues left behind to mislead anyone investigating the hacks.

Wikileaks describes the Marble Framework as intended to hide small text fragments into viruses and other hacking attempts to place the blame on other parties such as foreign nations. The Marble Framework is a direct counter to "string obfuscation algorithms" which are able to identify a specific malware developer based on small signature details. For exampe, if the CIA hacks a Russian diplomats server, Marble Framework can inject words and other clues into the tracks left behind to make it appear that the source of the hack was China instead of the CIA.

Considering the way things have been going since 9/11 and because of whistle blowers like Edward Snowden these types of practices are really not surprising. Deceptive tactics are par for the course in the intelligence community and it is becoming increasingly difficult to sift through the reports for those without computer programming knowledge. The average person is forced to rely on news media accounts and interpretations of these Wikileaks and that leaves much open for interpretation. For now, it is safe to assume there are some shady practices going on at the CIA. One has to wonder how much longer the narrative will be fed to the American public that Russia is the enemy to justify these covert operations against them and other world powers. It seems the cyber war is still going strong and perhaps even gaining momentum, lets just hope it doesn't escalate into open war.


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