By: Earnest Jones | 10-17-2016 | News
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Trump Says The Election Is Rigged

The Republican nominee’s allegations of a rigged election have gained attention since Sunday, both the Democratic nominee’s party supporter’s and the Republican nominee’s side have strongly defended their preferred candidates. Donald Trump has strongly said that the election is rigged in favor of his opponent Hillary Clinton. Trump gave a concrete example of the media and how it has collaborated with Hillary Clinton to ensure that he doesn’t win the race for the presidential seat.

In a twit made by Trump on Sunday, the Republican nominee continued to further his claims on the Sunday news show. Trump made this statements after several women reported that he had sexually harassed them. Trump’s campaign team has strongly criticized this claims.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team responded to Trump’s claim on rigged elections by claiming that Trump’s comments were a sign and strategy of his desperation. They emphasized that Trump made this comments after the realization that he was sinking in the polls.

In response to the allegations made by Clintons supporter’s, Trump’s team attacked the media for the biased behavior and unfair play that it had displayed towards the Republican nominee.

The GOP vice presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence also backed up Trump’s allegations by emphasizing that the election is being rigged against the Republican nominee. The Indiana Governor continued to state that him and Trump were ready to accept the outcomes of the elections despite the results. In an interview that was aired on NBC’s Meet the press on Sunday, Pence said that the American people will speak during the coming elections.

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