Massive "Anomaly" Detected in Antartica

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A recent video bringing attention to an anomaly in Antarctica has people scratching their heads. A massive object appears to be hidden beneath the ice of Antarctica. The object is buried beneath the frozen ground in an area called Wilkes Land. Wilkes Land encompasses an area 151 miles wide and 2,700 feet deep in its shallowest spot. Some theories include what could be the remains of a giant asteroid, perhaps the one that wiped out the dinosaurs lending credit to the theory. During the Permian-Triassic extinction event nearly all of the life on earth was killed, including sea life. Those with a broader imagination are speculating that some type of extraterrestrial object is hidden beneath the ice some even going so far as to call it a 'UFO'. Such theories are no doubt the result of massive amounts of speculation and are considered unlikely.

For years, the ice continent of Antarctica has been shrouded in speculation. Other theories about what may be lurking beneath the ice include secret Nazi bases from World War II. Because of the millions of tons of ice, it is very difficult to get access to anything that may be hidden there. One source suggested the US Navy even led an investigative mission into the barren ice lands to seek out any discoveries that may be kept there. The expedition was aptly named Operation High Jump, some speculate there were hidden motives for the search. Some even claim that there could have been a hidden entrance to underground bases or even a secret underground world. Although these things are fun to think about, the scientist who initially made the discovery of the anomaly thinks it is likely evidence of a giant impact crater. The asteroid large enough to make such a crater would no doubt cause an extinction level event.

The gravity anomaly was first sighted by NASA satellites in 2006 when scientists discovered a massive object sitting inside what appeared to be an impact crater. The crater appears to be 300 miles wide and gives off anomalous gravity signatures. Since the object is unreachable with current technology, scientists and curiosity seekers will have to continue speculating for the time being.


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This was very interesting news, and true from all perspectives.

It must be either a UFO or a North Korean submarine.

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