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Ohio becomes the latest state to sue agricultural giant Monsanto on Monday as it accuses the company of concealing dangers posed by a toxic chemical compound it manufactured for almost half a century.

In the suit filed by Attorney General Mike DeWine in the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court in Cincinnati, the prosecutors argued that Monsanto should pay for the clean-up of dozens of rivers, lakes and other water bodies contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs.

The lawsuit says that Ohio officials have found dangerous levels of PCBs in the Ohio River basin and Great Miami River basin, as well as other rivers and bodies across the state, including Lake Erie.

DeWine also said in a statement: “Monsanto should be held responsible for the damage it caused.” He also added: “Ohioans deserve to enjoy their natural resources without contamination from those toxic chemicals, and we believe Monsanto should be held responsible for the damage it caused. Our goal in taking this action is to protect Ohio, its citizens and its natural resources.”

The suit further alleges that Monsanto produced nearly all of the PCBs in the U.S. between 1929 and 1977. The PCBs were used in everything from lubricants to electrical equipment.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the chemical has been linked to such deadly diseases as cancer, liver damage and other negative health effects.

The suit also alleges that the company became aware of the PCBs’ toxic effects in the 1930s, yet it continued producing the compound while concealing its effects.

In January, Oregon also sued Monsanto for the same alleged offense.

Monsanto stopped manufacturing the said chemical in 1977 and it was banned in 1979 by the Environmental Protection Agency. The company said they are still reviewing the lawsuit but will defend themselves aggressively.


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Anonymous No. 20768 1521222065

From making the frogs gay to making the fish inedible. You've come a long way, PCBs…

randy Gabamonte No. 20769 1521223053

Frogs are gay? Must be connected to explosion of homosexuality here in states. Something caused it

Anonymous No. 20776 1521225749


Actually, Randy, Alex Jones was embellishing a bit (which he often does) in actuality it WAS however shown that PCBs have a feminizing effect on frogs and some other animals. But yes, in between the "agenda" and media and a lot of the chemicals that are in our food and other things, there are plenty of factors that are creating an "explosion of homosexuality." Speaking of explosions of homosexuality The US military when looking for LTL (less than lethal) weapons were researching a potential "gay bomb" believe it or not lol.

Soros No. 20779 1521226995

Go get Soros… the GMO King!!!

Traci No. 20782 1521229018

It's about time I had a friend and she had cancer and she kept and others in her family had got it and died to and they lived by the Ohio River and she always told me she knew they all knew they got it from this company I couldn't imagine it took this long they could all still be here I'm glad you finally got them but to late for my friends family

ARealFatGuy No. 20786 1521233024

Ahh, that one thing Alex Jones was actually right about and we have to admit it.

Actually its... No. 20811 1521278933

Atrazine is the chemical you are looking for

Steve Ford No. 20892 1521433701

Put the Monsanto bastards out of business for good. I feel they are a big part of the NWO, and pawns of the UN.

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