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New York Democrat and his Wife Arrested for Election Fraud

Stunning news to report coming out of Albany County, New York - that's being silenced by the mainstream media - involving the arrest by state police of Democratic politician - and his wife.

Authorities say that John Strough and Christianne Strough were arrested on Monday afternoon earlier this week on charges of election fraud surrounding the 2017 town supervisor election.

John Strough, a 66-year-old lifelong member of the Democratic Party, circulated petitions during last year's elections in an effort to get his name also placed into the Conservative Party primary ballot, a move that would have given him an advantage against those who are legitimate Conservatives in the town of Queensbury.

In order to meet the requirements to be placed upon the ballot, Strough would have needed to distribute the petitions and have either a witness or a notary present at the time of the signing of the petitions by members of the Conservative Party.

Instead, Strough used his wife, who's a legal notary herself, to later sign documents that she wasn't present for during the initial signing by members of the Conservative Party, only to lie to investigators when they began to pursue the case.

As a result of his actions petitioning for signatures on the Conservative Party line “without a witness or notary public present,” Strough is now charged with one count of offering a false witness, while his wife Christine faces more serious charges of abusing her office as a notary to benefit her corrupt husband under three election law violations.

Christianne Strough was charged “after she notarized three of the petition sheets that were obtained without a witness or notary public present,” after she is accused of making a false statement or false affidavit on a nominating petition.

Had Strough won the primary election he could have faced additional charges, however, he lost the Conservative Primary, only to later win the general election.

This type of corrupt action gave Strough a chance to bolster his career in an unfair advantage over his opponent, with Strough first trying to receive the Conservative Party primary victory and losing, only to run again in the general, being a lifelong Democrat, and winning.

Republicans who were supporting the GOP candidate Rachel Seeber hired a private investigator to further look into the actions of the Democrat, asking those who signed the Conservative Party petitions whether or not Christianne Strough was present at the time they inked their signatures, only to discover she wasn't.

Strough told authorities at the New York State Police that his wife was present, and members of the Democratic Party have claimed that the private investigator hired by Republicans somehow intimidated the party members who signed the petition.

Under New York law, the notary must personally identify each signed and make sure they're made aware of what they're signing, none of which happened under Strough and his wife.

“They’re under oath that this is who you are and you understand what you’re signing,” said Democratic Commissioner Beth McLaughlin.

At the end of each of the signed petitions, Christianne Strough signed a false statement that clearly reads, “On the dates above indicated before me personally came each of the voters whose signatures appear on this petition sheet containing (fill in number) signatures, who signed same in my presence and who, being by me duly sworn, each for himself or herself, said that the foregoing statement made and subscribed by him or her was true.”

Typical Democrats, committing a crime and then later blaming Republicans that they were caught doing so.

“The person signing may not have noticed the person watching them from our car, but she was there. Most petition-signers were occupied and focused on signing the several petitions on my clipboard,” Strough wrote in an email.

Strough went on to argue that those who signed the petition simply didn't see his wife, the notary, present with him.

“Obviously some answered, ‘No.’ This does not mean a notary wasn’t present, it only means that the person signing did not notice the notary. However, in my case, the notary did witness the signatures and witnessed all of them,” Strough wrote. “Did I take my wife home for just those who claim she wasn’t there? NO! So I guess my opposition’s position must be: that I dropped my wife off someplace, then went to a few houses by myself, went back, picked up my wife for all the others who signed these very same petitions? Doesn’t make sense, does it? Just political shenanigans. If I was Republican this issue would not have been manufactured,” he wrote.

After an investigation, the Albany County District Attorney’s Office brought charges against Strough and his wife, with the DA also being a Democrat himself, to avoid a “conflict of interest,” according to<a href=""> The Post-Star</a>.

The couple was arraigned Monday morning in Town Court, with Judge Michael Muller recusing himself from the case due to his personal involvement with the two Democratic criminals.

If convicted, Strough and his wife could face up to one year in prison.

“These charges were deemed to be the most appropriate after a thorough review of the alleged facts and circumstances of this purported crime,” said spokeswoman Cecilia Walsh.

“The alleged violations, if they’re true, are obviously serious,” said county Democratic Chairwoman Lynne Boecher.

The case is set for an additional hearing later this month, after being investigated by the New York State Police Special Investigations Unit and prosecuted by the Albany County District Attorney.

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Anonymous No. 20761 2018-03-16 : 14:59

Now all we need is public arrests of normies that think they can vote as many times as addresses they can puke up.

We need to make sure only citizens vote and that they only vote once per election. Contrary to MSM and pop belief election fraud is alive and well and its due to illegals and unethical citizens that vote multiple times. We need to insist on federal ID cards being a requirement for voting and some way to police multiple jurisdictions to catch the offenders.

Anonymous No. 20774 2018-03-16 : 18:33

Remember when Liberals "claimed" they were the champions of Voters rights?

Sure seems they are reason we need to start audits of many election process. Like every stated that refused to audit and clean up its voter registry.

Q No. 21218 2018-03-22 : 21:41

Election fruad: tried to switch parties without getting all the signatures needed.

HUGE stuff here. Nice work.


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