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James Comey's Twitter Account Found

James Comey's Twitter account has reportedly been found, and naturally, liberals are all over it, as they still blame the FBI directory for the tragic downfall of their queen, Hillary Clinton, in last year's election.

Ashley Feinberg writes about her obsessive internet sleuthing mission to find Comey's social media accounts, making connections and exploiting search functions to pin him down, after it was reported at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance leadership dinner that Comey had secret social media accounts: a Twitter, and an Instagram with "nine followers", mostly consisting of close associates and relatives. The director has been prudent in ensuring the privacy of himself and those associated with him, but that may not have been enough. Feinberg writes: "Unfortunately, Instagram isn't exactly conducive to custom searching, and there was no way any of his five children or his wife would be using their full names. Twitter, however, gives us a little more leverage."

Commence the celebration. The accounts that were found seemed to contain many coincidences. Eight posts relate directly to Comey himself, while others reference the likes of Trump et al. Surely this means they can finally pin the entire company on the supposed Russian hacking and election rigging, a claim made since Trump's election victory that, to this day, holds no real water and has no real evidence. Of course that shan't stop them from trying though. Leftists have proven to be a resilient bunch in pushing untruths. Their continued faith in polls, which time and time again prove false, shows the truth in this.

This latest happening is not much different. Sure, Weinberg may well have found what is indeed Comey's social media. But does it actually mean anything? Will it actually lead to anything? Hardly anything incriminating was posted; the content mostly consisted of naked references to political news. It would appear this story is dead on its knees. The FBI and others refused comment, and hardly any smoking gun was found. So this is yet another case of artificial smoke in absence of a fire.

It is appalling however, the lows that liberals are willing to stoop to for seemingly no apparent reason, while they claim to "soar high". Many of those aware of Comey's social media are apparently family, including one of his children. Naturally the director of the FBI would be private, at the very least for security reasons. Potentially jeopardizing with blogger-tier journalism is scummy.

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