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There's tragedy to report coming out of Florida after multiple people are reportedly dead as a result of a bridge collapse that occurred at around 2 PM just days after its construction near Miami-Dade.

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The bridge was set to be a pedestrian route coming out of Florida International University, which was to allow those on foot to walk above the busy road of Tamiami Trail.

Florida State Highway Patrol Spokesman Lt. Alejandro Camacho said that five to six vehicles have been completely crushed which were underneath the bridge when the terrifying tragedy occurred, leaving countless lives lost in a scene of horror.

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Emergency medical responders rushed to the scene as Miami-Dade Fire Rescue is working to secure the structure and search for any potential victims.

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Eyewitnesses state that the bridge fell without warning, and confirmed that several people are now dead as a result.

Police believe that at least six people are dead, possibly more, in a horrendous sign of infrastructure failure that's sure to spark a major investigation into the construction of the bridge.

At least eight people had been transported to the trauma center at Kendall Regional Medical Center, according to the Miami Herald.

Miami-Dade County Police Chief Juan Perez believes that multiple victims are still trapped either inside their cars or under the bridge, if they are not deceased in the senseless travesty.

This is a breaking story, we will update as information becomes available.

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Anonymous No. 20718 1521145423

Horrible, you know they will have to cross that bridge when it comes. One can hope the engineers at least bridge the gap and save those poor people.

Anonymous No. 20719 1521145564


Good riddance to garbage

Anonymous No. 20720 1521147180

Prayers sent for everyone invovled in this horriable accident,in Jesus name amen.

Anonymous No. 20722 1521148994

made with inferior steel?

Anonymous No. 20723 1521149216

Must have been terrifying. RIP

Anonymous No. 20724 1521149983

My thoughts are with the victims of this terrible incident.

Just wondering if Brainless Hoghead will rally his sjw's to prevent this from happening again? They have all the answers, just ask them.

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