By Savannah Smith  |  03-15-2018   News
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The man responsible for the kidnapping of well-known Edmonton businessman Alex Davidoff that resulted to his life-altering injuries was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Wednesday.

31-year old Raheel Khalon did not show emotions as he stood in the prisoner’s box as Justice Debra Yungwirth gave a summary of his crimes.

Davidoff was president of Glenora Skyline, a luxury condominium project in west Edmonton, Canada in 2013 when he was kidnapped and beaten by Khalon and two other men.

Davidoff was kidnapped from his office and was held captive in a Sherwood Park home for one day and a half. He was rescued after that and freed.

Yungwirth in her summary said the three men placed the businessman to a dark bathroom in Khalon’s mother’s home. He was blindfolded and bound with duct tape.

The kidnappers demanded $500,000 and even issued threats to kill Davidoff or harm his grandchildren.

Davidoff suffered a broken jaw and a concussion during his captivity. Restricted blood flow to his limbs left him with nerve pain that persists to this day, five years after the ordeal.

Davidoff was emotional when describing how the kidnapping traumatized him and his family, and also robbed him of financial security.

Khalon was sentenced to 10 years for kidnapping and another 10 years for extortion, to be “served concurrently.” He will also receive close to seven month of credit time already served.

One of the other men involved in the kidnapping, David Chipere, previously pleaded guilty to participating in the crime. He was sentenced to 15 months in jail. The third man involved in the crime was never identified.


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That seems a little light considering these assholes usually kill their victims.

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