By: Earnest Jones | 10-17-2016 | News
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Donald Trump's Worst Week

Donald Trump’s campaign has come under a barage of attack from all corners; it’s been the worst week for Trump’s campaign. As Trump’s campaign has been striving to distinguish the released tape in which Donald Trump is heard making lewd comments about women and how he takes advantage of them, a group of several women have also come up with claims that Trump harrased them sexually. The accusers cited the following: gropping, kissing, grabing. The unfortunate thing about the accusers allegations was that most claimed that the abuse happened decades ago, this raises the question on why the victims had waited for years without pressing charges only to wait for Trump to run for the presidential race.

The Republican nominee has strongly denied the allegations. The Republican nominee went ahead to emphasize that he had concrete evidence to prove that the accusations were vague; in a particular case where Summer Zervos’s cousin who was a contestant on the “Apprentice” claimed that Donald Trump had groped and kissed her, Trump responded by emphasizing that she was not attractive enough to be groped.

The accusations that have been made against Trump are affecting his campaign in a major way, this comes at a crucial time when the election are around the corner. Trump has insisted that the accusations are planned by the Hillary’s team, the big corporations, and the media.

Trump continued to emphasis that the election is rigged by the forces that are trying to ensure that he dosenot win the race to the Whitehouse. The Republican nominee has expressed his dis-appointment in the made up events in which he says that they have costed him women’s votes.

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