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Alaska Airlines Pilot Says She Was Drugged And Raped By Her Captain

An Alaska Airlines pilot is suing the airline after she says the captain of her aircraft drugged and raped her. Betty Pina says the sexual assault occurred during an overnight flight in Minneapolis last June.

Pina claims the captain of her aircraft put a drug in her wine and the next thing she remembered was waking up in his bed. "And I'm like, 'where am I.' And immediately I sit up and realize my bra and top is on and I'm sliding off the bed. It's wet and I smell vomit and the blankets and sheets are gathered up at the end of the bed. And I realize my pants and underwear are off," she said.

Pina was formerly a military helicopter pilot who flew combat missions in Afghanistan and she says the captain who assaulted her is still working for the airlines but she wants him fired.

Alaska Airlines issued a statement regarding Pina's lawsuit saying:

"This is an open and active investigation and we aren't going to comment. What we can say is that we are taking this matter seriously. The safety and well-being of our employees and guests is a top priority. It is our policy to withhold an employee from work during this type of investigation."

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Anonymous No. 20633 2018-03-15 : 03:30

A person would expect more of an Airline captain, damn rapist! Maybe his boyfriend in prison will wait till he consents?

Anonymous No. 20634 2018-03-15 : 03:33

But why sue the airline? Why not charge the pilot directly? This seems convoluted to me.

Anonymous No. 20635 2018-03-15 : 03:38


Who has the deepest pockets? That pilot is probably just a typical debtor slave American worker.

Anonymous No. 20637 2018-03-15 : 03:54

>the sexual assault occurred during an overnight flight

>the captain of her aircraft put a drug in her wine

>the next thing she remembered was waking up in his bed

So she was either flying while inebriated, or went with the captain for drinks after the flight.

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