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Liberals Screaming ' Resist, Resist' Are Actually Just Having Childish Breakdowns

Screenwriter and author Bret Easton Ellis is back in his element. His regular podcast normally discusses films, and his interest on the changing face of the left and the seemingly one dominant ideology present in social media discussions. But the American Pyscho author did not really go into discussing and analyzing President Donald Trump's victory which was strange, given his past interests.

But all that has changed and his listeners and followers heard the old Ellis back with a 35-minute discussion on his podcast recently about the past election, and more importantly the responses to it in Hollywood and among his liberal friends. Ellis has observed that some of his friends and acquaintances, and even his millennial boyfriend who he has been living with for the past seven years have become so obsessed with their political identities and are becoming " neoliberal elitists".

Ellis describes Trump's upset victory in the elections as "disruptive". He said he never supported Trump and his campaign, but his win has exposed the media, who are so old-fashioned in their views and biases that they failed to understand the new playbook that disrupters such as Trump have devised. Instead, all the media do is to go around crying about so many things, complaining hysterically and generally acting as bullies. Ellis said the media is practically wasting everybody's time by taking everything so "damned literally", leaving the 'anarchists' in the shadows and smiling to themselves. The literary talent said that liberalism used to be about freedom, but now it has been reduced to a kind of twisted moral authority that is part of the " moral superiority movement". It is as if Ellis is also saying that liberals act as if they are morally above everyone else because they are always "correct."

The writer also said that a part of the left is now known as "The Resistance." He said it's all he sees and hears about from his liberal friends. He said that there are posters around his neighborhood in West Hollywood urging him to " resist, resist, resist". It is also what the Democrats, their supporters are calling for. It is what a more active again Hillary Clinton screams about on her social media campaign. Resist has become their favorite, rallying battle-cry.

But he asks common sense questions that are probably in the minds of many, if not most Americans as well: "Resist what exactly? And who's telling us to resist whatever? The people who voted for the candidate who lost? I'm supposed to listen to them? What am I supposed to be resisting?" Ellis has exposed the hypocrisy, lack of real purpose, and annoying nature of liberals. He said that what he is certainly resisting is the childish meltdowns he has been witnessing at dinners and on social media and late night TV shows, and even in his home in the aftermath of Donald Trump's victory in November.

He is resisting the unreasonable and petty attitude of the liberals and Democrats. Ellis said that even some of the people he knows who were disappointed with Trump's victory but who have wisely moved on are now also frustrated by the child-like liberal disbelief of their own party that is showing in so many embarrassing ways. Such includes so many morning after posts titled hysterically "what am I going to tell my daughter?". Elections can go both ways, either one wins or loses. Either way one moves on and accept things. The liberals are just trying to put a moral element to their 'resist' campaign to justify what is essentially is just their childish meltdown for their inability to accept defeat.

Perhaps former Republican and one of the most-loved U.S. presidents Ronald Reagan captured it best when he said: " It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so".


Ronald Reagan

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Anonymous No. 2062 2017-03-30 : 20:28

Could not be truer! And agree with Ronald Reagan, one of the best pres US had! A Republican.

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