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The WHY'S Of Female Genital Mutilation

Female genital mutilation, also called a clitorectomy or female circumcision, is the surgical removal of all or some of the external vagina: in almost all cases, the clitoris is removed, though in some rare cases only the clitoral hood is removed. The practice is most prevalent in three of the most backwards countries on Earth: Egypt, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. (Quick! Name an invention or scientific discovery by an Egyptian Arab, Indonesian or Ethiopian in his home country! Ancient Egypt doesn't count because Muhammad's minions dispensed of all of their culture and committed mass murder against the original Egyptian people.)

Growing numbers of Muslims in the West has prompted female genital mutilation to go from a barbaric practice of an ignorant religion practiced in the desert to the headlines in our living rooms: in Ireland, an eastern African immigrant mutilated a 2-year-old girl,and a London Muslim couple was arrested for taking a girl to Kenya to be mutilated.Few liberals, though, dare ask themselves: "why are these women's genitals being mutilated?" The answer might surprise you.

A Wikipedia "featured article" euphemizes it: "The practice is rooted in gender inequality, attempts to control women's sexuality, and ideas about purity, modesty and beauty."In a shocking display of common sense, the Independent called a spade a spade: "female genital mutilation is male insecurity”.

Still lost?

Imagine you're a Muslim man, let's call you Qabih al'Khinzir. You've been eating too much falafel and gyros lately, and it definitely shows – you had to have a turban custom made for your fat head. Nature did not gift you with good looks: in fact, just the opposite, you look more like Michael Moore than Anderson Cooper. In bed, you're nothing to write home about due to Allah's blessing, your penis is a mere 3 inches, and thanks to your girth you've only got a micropenis left, the rest is lost among the folds.

You have got one thing going for you: a rich dad! Your dad is the heir of an oil business that has survived ten generations. During Muhammad's time your family may have been poor, but the farm they slowly expanded to cover one hundred acres now houses one of the largest oil reserves in the world.

So, Qabih, as you well know, pleasuring a woman is not merely a mechanical act: mechanics help, but due to your micropenis you can't even provide those. Cunnilingus is permissable in Islam, but you're not gifted in that department either (honestly, no woman wants to imagine your ugly mug down there). Of course, your wives always act so convincingly to make you believe they're satisfied: you'll beat them if they don't. But you know the science: only one third of women say that they regularly climax during intercourse. Women, like men, need to find you attractive to "get it up".

So how can you be sure that she's not lying? After sex she frequently goes into the bathroom after all, and you're pretty sure that electric massager she bought at the bazaar smells like pussy.

Luckily for you, your problem has already been solved! Your ugliness and small dick runs in the family, even if your girth is a modern invention. Your ancestors had all the same problems as you, and they found an easy solution: make it so that the woman cannot enjoy sex. They even used the ambiguous nature of a few hadiths to make it a religious duty!

If the woman cannot enjoy sex and has never had an orgasm, it does not matter what you do to her, and she will surely never even dream of cheating on you. What would be the point? Other biological factors may tell her that you are not an attractive man, but she will have no strong reason to dump you.

This is the crux of the Islamic barbarism of female genital mutilation, and feminists in the West are going to bring it to this country and everywhere else in the West. Muslims are a voting bloc, and though there is debate over whether their religion supports the practice, it at least doesn't condemn it and they love doing it. Muslim women are brainwashed into finding it honorable: after all, it will keep them "pure" in the eyes of the Satan. Erm, I mean Allah. Not wanting to fuck smelly bearded fat dudes your parents forced on you is a sin, after all!

Female genital mutilation is a federal crime in the USA, for now. But remember ladies: every law can be changed, even the Constitution. If you let Muslims, which are baby making machines, continue to flow into the West unabated, they will covertly mutilate young girls and quickly pass laws to make it legal once they have a majority. Your grandchildren will be living in a society where most of their classmates are sexless objects, bought and sold by ugly bearded men.

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Anonymous No. 2102 2017-04-05 : 14:24

Amusing hate piece, but your butthurt shows too much to make it convincing. >"Because the men are ugly and insecure!" gg idiot

Stormwatch No. 2334 2017-04-17 : 13:50

Remember: anyone who opposes female genital cutting, but condones male genital cutting, is a hypocrite.

Anonymous No. 2386 2017-04-20 : 01:29

Growing numbers of Muslims in the West has prompted female genital mutilation to go from a barbaric practice of an ignorant religion practiced in the desert to the headlines in our living rooms

Sounds choppy

Anonymous No. 2394 2017-04-20 : 13:35

Why do people do dumb shit like saw off clits and foreskins? WTF is wrong with you desert dwellers and primitives?

Anonymous No. 2442 2017-04-23 : 02:25

Daily reminder circumcision at birth is common practice in the US.

Anonymous No. 2466 2017-04-24 : 06:55

So clitorectomy is a tool to fight female hypergamy?

And I should oppose it because it comes from a desert religion that is not my parent's?

Anonymous No. 2511 2017-04-25 : 20:46

Foreskins are gross all baby boys must be mutilated

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