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Hot Republicans Vastly Outnumber Dems - Study Shows

This is news that can bring a smile and maybe some laughs to President Donald Trump amidst all the stress of the presidency. A study reveals that right-wing politicians are more attractive than their left-wing counterparts. Right-wing politicians' good looks is said to give them twice the advantage over their opposition. It cannot be argued that good looks has been a good indicator of a person's success in life. Even various studies agree with that. Life may not be fair, as attractive people always have an edge in life.

A study by Professor Jan-Erik Lonnqvist of the University of Helsinki says the same good looks rule apply to right-wing politicians as well.

The research is also consistent with previous studies that all say conservative politicians running in elections in Australia, the European Union, Finland and the U.S. were more attractive than their opponents.

Professor Lonnqvist said he finds it " worrying" that good looks is considered important in political elections. He said that the results of his study are consistent with other studies that say the effect of attractive looks is twice as large for politicians on the right compared to their competitors on the left.

The professor also suggested that right-wing politicians could be better looking than left-wing ones because physical attractiveness has more of an influence in the selection of candidates in conservative parties. Although, he did not back this suggestion with research findings or relevant data.

He also said another controversial suggestion-that one possible reason for the greater influence of candidates' looks on right-wing voters could be that they are less informed. But this is not really credibly supported. He just said that conservative voters have a more concrete, perhaps " less sophisticated" way of thinking. That is, of course, subject to debate. If right-wing voters stick to their values, say on their stand on abortion and on the Second Amendment for instance, does that mean they are necessarily less sophisticated for not changing their views and principles for a long time?

The professor also did not include the impact of mainstream liberal media, who of course report more positively on left-wing politicians than their right-wing counterparts.

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