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Coca-Cola Factory Shut Down: Immigrant Feces Found in Cans

In a stomach twisting discovery, employees at Lisburn's Coca-Cola plant were shocked to find what appeared to be human feces in a shipment of Coca-Cola bottles. The discovery was made when the plant’s machines became clogged and had to be shut down. The shipment has been identified as coming from Germany.

The machines were shut down for 15 hours while they were cleaned, although customers may be deterred from buying any products from that Coca-Cola location for quite some time. Coca-Cola issued a statement urging consumers not to be worried because products currently on sale were not affected. A source was quoted as saying "It was unusual because normally the cans come from somewhere else in the UK, but this time they apparently came from Germany."

Speculation surrounding the mysterious appearance of the feces seems to center around the theory that immigrants traveling illegally were in a position where the cans were their only means of defecating. It is likely that the contamination was not an attack but rather the result of the poor traveling conditions of illegal immigrants entering or passing through Germany. This is far from the only instance of waste found in food. In 2012, a study conducted by the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that five percent of lettuce was at a great risk for fecal contamination. Other foods with disconcerting contamination include wheat.

The FDA allows 9 milligrams or more of rodent pellets per kilogram of wheat. This usually occurs in the wide scale production process when it is harvested along with the wheat. This time, the cans at Coca-Cola arrive at the factory without tops and are then filled with the fizzy drink and sealed before being shipped to distributes. The company claims that the no contaminated products left its factory and everything on the market is safe to drink.

You'll have to take their word for it. It will be hard not to remember this case the next time you buy a Coca-Cola, you never know what could be in that can. Always report suspicious materials to the authorities and seek immediate medical attention if any unknown substances are consumed.


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