By: Earnest Jones | 03-30-2017 | News
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Mexican AG Arrested By FBI - You Guessed It: Cocaine Trafficking

This Monday, Federal agents in San Diego arrested Mexican state attorney general Edgar Veytia for drug trafficking. Multiple government agencies were involved in the investigation including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration and even Homeland Security. Veytia reportedly goes by the nickname 'Diablo' and appears to have a heavy role in international drug trafficking.

One might wonder what such a key political figure has done to upset the United States government as most politics in Mexico are involved in the drug trade in some form or another. One might also say the same about the US. According to retired Los Angeles police officer Michael Ruppert, the CIA has been involved in drug trafficking to low-income neighborhoods for years and has caught CIA agents in the act of selling cocaine.

There is an unsettling amount of evidence for in the very least, rogue elements within the upper levels of the American authorities. In September 2007, a jet used for CIA rendition crashed in Mexico on its way to the United States. On board were over 4 tons of cocaine. Immigration and Customs Enforcement claims to have sold the jet to suspected DEA drug smugglers as part of an undercover sting just prior to the crash.

Events like this are shrouded in mystery but are not isolated occurrences. The evidence has people questioning the United States role in the drug trafficking industry. In more recent years, photos have emerged of American soldiers guarding poppy fields, the plant from which heroin is derived and since the American occupation Afghanistan has increased from producing around a third to now 90% of the world's heroin leaving more questions than answers.

So just what has caused the United States to turn on the Mexican state attorney general? Could it have been a coordinated effort with elements in his own country? One has to wonder exactly what the motives are here but for now, we are left to hope the arrest comes from a genuine desire to ride both countries of corruption and stop the flow of drugs into America from other countries.


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