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#Breaking: Tillerson Fired In Tweet, Succeeded As Secretary Of State By CIA's Pompeo

It's Trump Administration musical chairs time yet again, Rex Tillerson is now being replaced as secretary of state by ex-CIA director Mike Pompeo. According to the New York Times, Tillerson learned he was being fired when an aide showed him a tweet announcing the change. Foreshadowing occurred just days before when White House chief of staff, John f. Kelly, warned Tillerson to cut his trip to Africa short explaining, "you may get a tweet."

In addition to this shake-up, President Trump's appointment of Gina Haspell makes history. Haspell will become the first female Director of the agency. The latest shake-up was evidently a surprise to many White House insiders. A spokesman for the White House had called out a reporter who had suggested that opinions on the potential Russian involvement in the poisoning of a double agent had fractured their working relationship.

Pompeo steps up from head of the CIA to be replaced by current deputy director, Gina Haspell. Before they can officially serve the Senate must confirm their new positions. Pompeo and the president seem to get on smashingly and Trump has showered the CIA director with accolades, but they don't always see eye to eye. One glaring example is a divergence regarding whether or not Russia tampered with the 2016 elections.

Richard N. Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, personally asked Tillerson to step down.

<blockquote>“Rex Tillerson has been dealt a bad hand by the Potus & has played it badly,” Mr. Haass wrote in a post on Twitter, using the acronym for president of the United States. “For both reasons he cannot be effective SecState & should resign.”</blockquote>

This website's namesake, former US Senator <a href="">Barry Goldwater warned of the "elitist sentiments threatening liberties" that the CFR represent</a>.

It was a long time coming. Between differing opinions regarding the Paris Accords on climate change and reports that he had called the president a "moron" to claims of "secret talks" with North Korea, ample friction existed between SOS and POTUS. Tillerson now joins the growing list of "apprentices" to the Trump administration that just didn't make the cut: national security adviser, chief of staff, chief strategist, press secretary, two White House communications directors and secretary of health and human services.


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Anonymous No. 20507 2018-03-13 : 19:52

The difference in this admin is that Pres Trump is running the country like a business. In the business world one puts the best people in their roles even if it rocks the boat so to say. When a few experts with good ideas toss their ideas out there, others are not afraid to open a dialog and discuss changes.

Obamas WH was a crew of followers, not leaders. We need strong leaders not a bunch of panzys that go along cause its easier.

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