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Blue Origin's New Shepard Flight Capsule That Will Take Tourists To Into Orbit Next Year

Blue Origin, the renowned rocket company has unveiled the first images of its reusable passenger capsule. The capsule will be used to take tourist to space next year. The capsule is known as the New Shepard. Its interior has seats for six travelers, who will enjoy the largest windows in space. The New Shepard capsule offers 530 cubic feet or 15 cubic metres of space and will allow passengers to float freely. The capsule will also have reclining black seats with blue piping, the seats will be inscribed with the Blue Origin feather logo.Jeff Bezos, the owner of the rocket company revealed that the new Shepard flight test program will focus on demonstrating the performance and robustness of the system. He also said that the company has been designing the capsule interior with a lot of focus on security, comfort, and precision engineering. The suborbital New Shepard launch system consists of rocket and capsule designed to fly payloads and passengers to about 100 Kilometers Above the earth. Crew members will start conducting test flights this year. Blue Origin is yet to set the price for space rides although its commercial flight program will start next year. Every passenger will have a seat with access to a large window, the company has said that the window is made of tough material which will reduce reflection and distortion. The whole system will comprise of a pressurized capsule mounted on top of a reusable booster rocket. The two will launch together, accelerating for approximately two and a half minutes, before the engine shuts down.The capsule will then detach from the booster and head into space. The reusable booster rocket will perform an autonomous rocket-powered vertical landing. The capsule will land softly under parachutes, the main advantage is that both will be reused for future trips. The capsule will be displayed at the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs next week.Source:

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