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First Lady Melania Trump’s Bold Speech on “Evil”

First lady Melania Trump has broken her silence and gave a rare but powerful speech where she asked the world to " stand up against evil". Melania spoke at the State Department's International Women of Courage Award winners ceremony in Washington on Wednesday. Melania asked the international community to stand up against violence toward women and children. She also said that there's a great need for promoting women's empowerment.

Melania boldly declared before award-winning female activists that the time of allowing brutality against women and children is over. She said that instead it is now the time to empower women around the world. The first lady also called for the international community to be more welcoming. Melania said that the world must start challenging old fears now, and to fight old biases. She pointed again the need to stand up against evil - that the work towards gender empowerment must continue. And even while being a victim of nasty comments and bullying online and offline herself, the first lady called for respect for all people.

Trump said that such respect must be given to all people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Melania reminded everyone that we are all members of one race, the human race. The first lady called on the young women to draw inspiration from the achievements of the honorees to fight against injustice. She asked the youth to remember the journeys of the awarded women to push ahead and bring about a better community, a better country, and a better world in the ongoing fight for right over might.

The Secretary of State's International Women of Courage Awards honor women who have shown courage and leadership while seeking peace, justice, human rights, gender equality and women's empowerment.The women who received the special awards are from Bangladesh, Botswana, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam and Yemen. Melania's speech is one of her few public appearances as first lady. She has chosen to keep a low profile as she stays in New York to take care of her son Barron until the end of the school year.

Mother and child will move to Washington to be with the President when the academic year is over in June. Melania has not announced yet whether she will take a more active role as a first lady when they move to Washington. For now, Melania is contented in quietly supporting the president, being the best mother to her son, and making rare appearances as a first lady. She makes sure, however, that she leaves a good impact in those few times that she is seen in public.


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