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Elon Musk Says Colonising Mars Is Key To Preserve Our Species

The genius billionaire mastermind behind Tesla and SpaceX offered a piece of wisdom for how to save the human race Sunday night. Elon Musk was on stage at SXSW when he said the colonization of Mars is essential to conserving the human species in the event of a third world war.

"It’s important to get a self-sustaining base on Mars because it’s far enough away from Earth that [in the event of a war] it’s more likely to survive than a moon base," he said. The speech came just days after President Donald Trump announced plans to meet the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un at an undisclosed secret location.

"If there’s a third world war we want to make sure there’s enough of a seed of human civilization somewhere else to bring it back and shorten the length of the dark ages," Musk said when responding to questions from Jonah Nolan, co-creator of the hit TV show Westworld.

Even now, SpaceX is working on a vehicle that will take humans on the long trip to Mars. The ship will be 300 feet and codenamed the BFR, or Big Fucking Rocket. Musk went on to say that building an entire colony would be very costly and require "tremendous entrepreneurial resources."

Musk also tried to put to rest any idea that Mars might be "some escape hatch for rich people" by explaining the risks of the dangerous mission. "It will be like Shackleton's ad for Antarctic explorers: 'Difficult, dangerous, a good chance you’ll die, excitement for those who survive.' That kind of thing," he said.

"There’s not many people who will want to go in the beginning," he explained adding that as the Red Planet colony grew it would become more hospitable and attractive. He also explained his vision for how the colony would govern itself saying "The government on Mars will be a direct democracy. Everyone votes on every issue."

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