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#Breaking: Hundreds Urged To Wash Clothes After Russian Spy Poisoning In UK

In Salisbury, England hundreds of people who visited Zizzi restaurant or the Mill pub have been told to wash their clothes due to the potentiality of traces of the nerve agent employed against Russian double against Col. Sergei Skripal left the two victims in "critical but stable condition in intensive care." In addition to Skripal and his daughter, one of the emergency staff on the scene was also hospitalized. Public Health England is reporting that there is no immediate health risk to anyone who was in the restaurant or pub, but that in case any amount of the nerve agent residue was on clothes even minute amounts might contaminate the skin.

Skripal and his daughter were found unconscious on a bench on March 4 and shortly after that Russian news warned against "traitors" settling in the UK. The chief medical officer, Sally Davies, reported on Sunday that there was at least some trace contamination by the nerve agent in the pub and restaurant in Salisbury. British police have made the determination that it was definitely a nerve agent of some sort, but haven't named the compound in question.

Public Health England claimed to be in possession of new evidence before they issued their advisory on Sunday, but also claim the general public had not been at risk. Public Health England's deputy medical director, Jenny Harries made a statement at a press conference, “This is about a very, very small risk of repetitive contact for any traces of contamination that people may have taken out. In risk terms one or two days is not what we are concerned about, what we are worrying about is whether there could be an ongoing risk that could build over the future.”

Despite the ominous news broadcast warning Russian traitors against settling in the UK, Amber Rudd, interior minister, has said it is still too early to say exactly who is responsible. Finance minister Philip Hammond has gone on the record saying that Britain would respond "appropriately" in the event that it was determined to be a foreign state involved in the poisoning.


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Anonymous No. 20361 2018-03-11 : 21:48

That's some serious cold war action, Better start checking folks for ricin pellets. watch out of umbrellas.

Anonymous No. 20403 2018-03-12 : 10:39

So English don't regularly wash their cloths? ☺

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