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Miami Nightclub Loses License After Horse Stunt Goes Awry (Video)

A stunt featuring a horse cost a Miami Beach club their license and now authorities say they are considering criminal charges. The incident took place Wednesday night at the Mokai Lounge where a horse with a bikini-clad woman and a man on its back.

The stunt was captured on video by patrons and at one point the horse stumbles on the slippery floor causing the riders to be thrown off. The horse regains its balance and appears uninjured after the slip and the patrons cheered. Police say they located the horse and it appears "healthy and safe".

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A woman in the background of one of the cell phone video of the spectacle can be heard saying, "It's a horse, a real horse." Another video captured the harrowing moment the horse slips and causing the bikini-clad woman to fall.

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Miami Beach police issued a statement regarding the video saying, "We are very concerned over the allegations. As such we have launched a joint investigation with Miami Beach Code Enforcement."

Friday they got even more serious about the "horseplay" at the club when Officer Ernesto Rodriguez said, "We are looking at this from all angles now. We’re looking at it from a city perspective in terms of licensing, and we’re looking at it from a police perspective in terms of the potential for cruelty charges."

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The club's owner, Roman Jones, said in a phone interview with local news, "The horse is not hurt. The marketing director, who arranged the stunt, that I was unaware of, is suspended without pay. I am cooperating with the authorities." The incident with the horse wasn't the only time they had a large mammal in the establishment for entertainment.

Other photos on social media reveal the club also featured a camel and a miniature pony on two other nights. When City Manager Jimmy Morales got wind of the events he was not happy. "I was disgusted and offended that any legitimate businessperson would think this was an appropriate action to take," Morales said.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber also weighed in saying, "Animal cruelty is an abhorrent and vile act. I fully support the immediate actions taken by the City Manager and his staff to ensure that this is remedied quickly."

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Anonymous No. 20366 2018-03-11 : 22:01

It's a frickin' horse, people, calm down. they are bought and sold every day for many different reasons.

Anonymous No. 20386 2018-03-12 : 07:48

How come we can't call them midgets anymore?

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