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German Government: ''Number Of Deportations Must Be Significantly Increased''

With the result of the last elections on their mind, the Christian Conservative Party of Chancellor Angela Markel is keen to win back the votes they’ve lost to AfD (Alternative Fur Deutschland). To do so, they are presenting a new, more right-wing cabinet. The new Interior Minister, Mr. Horst Seehofer, claims that he understands what Germans want to do about immigration and that he will execute their wishes.

As to matters of deportations, Mr. Seehofer said in an interview with Bild Am Sonntag that he will step up the government’s efforts, saying he has a "master plan for faster asylum procedures and more consistent deportations."

"The number of deportations must be increased significantly. We need to take tougher action, especially in the case of criminals and perpetrators among asylum seekers."

According to the new German government’s policies, decisions on asylum applications will now be made in a matter of months rather than taking years as it did before. With the AfD having recently surpassed even the Socialists in national election polls, it is clear to understand why Mr. Seehofer does this.

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"We want to remain an open-minded and liberal country. But when it comes to protecting our citizens, we need a strong state. I'll make sure of that."

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"There has to be a consensus throughout Germany that we will no longer tolerate lawless zones."

Lastly, the future interior minister says plans are in the works to copy the UK’s idea and put video surveillance at every hot spot in the country so that every German can feel safe again.


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