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Teen Rapper Bragged About Violating the Law in His Songs, Gets it from Judge

A state district judge has admonished a teen rapper accused of capital murder for committing fresh crimes and even bragging his violation of the law in a song and video, and put him in his place by denying his request for bond.

State District Judge Wayne Salvant said he is bothered that teen rapper Tay-K 47 cut off his ankle monitor and allegedly committed new crimes then bragged about them in his song. The judge said he is worried that the teen rapper whose real name is Taymor McIntyre has even been “glorified” for his crimes.

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McIntyre was 16 when officials accused him of taking part in the July 2016 robbery and fatal shooting of Ethan Walker, a 21-year-old Mansfield man. The teen rapper’s defense lawyers had asked for the hearing, requesting the judge set a reasonable bond in the capital murder case.

Tay-K 47 has since been certified to stand trial as an adult in the case. His defense attorneys Jeff Kearney and Reagan Wynn argued that because the teen’s case began in the juvenile system, which does not have a bail or bond system in place, he is entitled to one now under Texas law.

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The accused teen’s father, Kevin Beverly, and his maternal uncle, Jewral McIntyre, testified to say they would ensure that Tay-K 47 would follow all bond conditions if he released from jail. The dad also shared his plans of leasing a house in Fort Worth if his son is released, where his family , along with retired military man Jewral McIntyre, would live so they could all help supervise the teen.

However, prosecutor Bill Vassar called only one witness- Tarrant County juvenile probation officer Luis Montaya who testified that less than three months after a juvenile judge decided to release the teen rapper to live with his sister, Tay-K 47 cut off his ankle monitor and fled.

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Before his capture in New Jersey three months later on June 30, 2017, the teen rapper allegedly took part again in a second capital murder in San Antonio in April 2017 and an aggravated robbery in May 2017 that left the victim hospitalized.

In denying his request for bond, Tay-K 47, the judge also said teen showed a “high, violent assessment.”


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Anonymous No. 20302 2018-03-11 : 09:57

"McIntyre was 16 when officials accused him of taking part in the July 2016"…

Now 17+

Do you think maybe an updated picture is warranted?\\NAS2IJIS01\MUGSHOTS\2017\7\982820.011.jpg No. 20327 2018-03-11 : 14:25

Rapper? Is this like "Porn Star", where getting naked on video automatically qualifies one as a porn star?

The kid never produced one song, let alone sold an album, yet he's given the title of "Rapper"?

How about a punk thug, the little prick is a punk, nothing more.

I hop[e someone slapstheshit out his littlepunkass in prison and makes himtheirbitch.

The boy is about to discover, he's nothing but a bottom feeder compared to the real hardcore thugs that run the prison system from within.

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