By: Savannah Smith | 03-29-2017 | News
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Is Climate Change Real? House Hearing Wants To Probe

A hearing next week at the House Science Committee promises to be interesting and bold as it expects to challenge the science behind climate change.

Rep. Lamar Smith ( R-Texas) will lead the panel on Wednesday that will consider all previous beliefs, policy impacts and the scientific method related to climate change. It will give Smith an opportunity to further question the scientific belief that greenhouse gas emissions have caused climate change. He has earlier questioned such belief.

Smith has invited several experts to help him question climate change, including two scientists who became known for opposing the belief that climate change is man-made. Another guest has previously said that the impact of climate change on the earth has been exaggerated.

President Donald Trump has always been known not to be a fan of climate change. Among his campaign promises was to reverse former President Obama's work on climate change. Obama has been a strong believer of climate change and the need to address it. The Trump administration has long been expected to completely reverse the climate change work done by Obama. Trump is expected to finally sign an executive order that will undo several key climate rules implemented by the Obama administration including the Clean Power Plan regulation on power sector carbon emissions and a moratorium on public land coal leasing.

The White House can even expand the order to include issues like methane regulations and government climate change metrics. Some are expecting the Trump administration to help the fossil fuel industry and boost the coal, oil and natural gas fuel sector.

Trump has also issued on Friday a permit advancing the Keystone XL pipeline. Environmental groups have long opposed the pipeline during the Obama administration, and may challenge the order of the new President legally.

Democrats are also expected to challenge Smith and his experts on next week's climate change hearing. They have invited Michael Mann, the climate scientist behind the graph showing a big increase in the planet's average temperature as answer to Smith and company. The Democrats are expected to push once more the belief that human activity has created and affecting further the warming atmosphere around the globe.

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