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Pizzagate UK: Sir Cliff Richard Threatens To Sue BBC Over Sex Assault Allegations

Sir Cliff Richard is trying to suppress information he claims is "private and sensitive" that emerged during a High Court Battle involving the BBC. This comes after the singer and longtime friend of prolific child rapist Jimmy Savile was himself accused of sexual assault. Though not charged, the singer has denied any wrongdoing and argues that he has suffered "profound and long-lasting damage" due to the coverage of the allegations. BBC editors, however, have claimed they will "defend ourselves vigorously."

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">List seems v accurate. How could the compiler know about all of the paedophiles we now know are: Blunt, Brittan , Cyril Smith &amp; continuing doubts over Cliff Richard, Harvey Proctor? Savile link too. My point wouldn&#39;t stand up in law but impossible to forge the list at that time</p>&mdash; Chris Stacey (@chrisstacey1) <a href="">February 4, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Some material is already being deemed possibly too sensitive to be shared, including witness statements gathered by the BBC. The judge who will oversee the trial in April is claiming the material should stay under lock and key for now. Jimmy Savile and several members of parliament were discovered to have been operating pedophilia rings basically in plain view. Interviews with Savile regarding going on a trip with a young girl (with the permission of her parents of course) relate how he checked into a hotel and happened to run into Prince Andrew, the same Prince Andrew who was facing charges related to availing himself of underage sex slaves. Prince Andrew is also a colleague of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein whose "Lolita Airline" and "Lolita Island" are alleged to be the site of massive amounts of child trafficking for the elite in politics, entertainment and other industries.

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Sir Richard and Savile were also involved in sociological research into pornography by Lord Longford, also known colloquially as "Lord Porn." Lord Porn, by the way, was a notorious defender of child murderess Myra Hindley. "I am the Myra Hindley story," Savile once cryptically announced. Savile, it seems, found it easiest to hide in plain view and in hindsight it's clear to see he was constantly referencing what was at that time just whispered rumors about the horrors that BBC, government officials, and royalty were rumored to have not only known about but helped cover up. This sort of institutional pedophilia goes back quite a while in the UK, unfortunately. When Oscar Wilde was tried for indecency, many involved in the case from bailiff to barristers and beyond could be tied to the Cleveland Street Scandal that embroiled many of the upper echelons in British society in a child prostitution ring.


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