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Democrat Party in Chaos: Everyone is Fired!

And hence the long waiting slaughter began!Facing the big loss in the presidential election, it's no surprise the Democrats are all pointing their fingers at each other and playing the blame games.The blame game began just after Tom Perez, the latest winner for the position of the DNC Chairman (the third person who did that within months) take the throne in late February. And his first order of business? Fire everyone involved in the election so no one can take his crown. According to NBC News, Perez demanded every single one of the Democratic National Committee staffers to hand in their resignation, or else. Talk about a brutal first move.It's clear that the Democratic party is losing its mojo after being kicked out of the White House with Obama, and now they are suffering from a painful long death, no matter what their party leaders try to do to bury the evidence of their lost. That isn't going to happen, my friend. The latest layoff isn't the first round of burial. In late December of 2016, right after losing the election, the DNC has attempted laying off many crucial members of the teams. Insiders said that the morales has dim to a low point after that, but instead of boosting morales among the team, the party leaders has promised "major staffing and structure changes". Can you imagine how those poor souls spent their Chrismast holiday? Well, I can't say I am surprised because they did work for the leftists after all.We will have to watch out for how long Chairman Tom Perez will last in his current position now. The last few chair have been shuffled rather quick, and in scandalous ways no less. Former Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was outed after Bernie Sanders losing the primary and demanded her to go down with him. Donna Brazile took the chair afterward, promised everything will be good, but she was soon outed when she leaked debate questions to the Clinton campaigns. looking at the track record, I would advise Chair Perez not to put too much effort into decorating his new office.Source :

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