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Video - Tomi Lahren 'You Lock The Doors Because You Love The People Inside'

A young conservative political commentator named Tomi Lahren has garnered international attention for her role as the host of Tomi on TheBlaze. Tomi isn't afraid to speak up and call things how she sees them, somewhat a refreshing approach that some would attribute some of President Donald Trump's success to.

Starting off the video segment from her show, Tomi calls out the left for not putting America first. "The crazy and radical notion that Americans and American safety come before the feelings of the hard left and the sensitivity of the world at large, holy crap, it's called America first and that's how we roll now," she said.

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That statement might be provocative but she is just getting started! Next Tomi brings the focus to the "hysteria" surrounding President Trump's Muslim ban saying "it's not a Muslim ban at all but don't tell the mainstream media that, they like to keep their fake news as fake as possible."

She goes on to say the ban is not, in fact, targeting Muslims or else it would include over 40 other majority Muslim nations. Tomi reminds viewers that President Obama banned visas for Iraqi refugees for six months yet no outrage followed.

She also revealed that seven of the countries on Trump's list were identified by the Obama administration, "countries torn apart by jihadist violence or under the control of hostile jihadist governments."

She then explains, since most people can't be bothered with researching for themselves, that Trump's executive order only temporarily stops refugee admissions for 120 days "to improve the screening process and figure out who the hell is coming in."

If you like what Tomi has to say, give the video that has thrust her into the spotlight a watch and hear for yourself why this brilliant young woman is so successful.

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