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Uruguay Extradites ''Cocaine King Of Milan'' After 23 Years On The Run (Video)

A notorious Italian drug trader named Rocco Morabito, also known as the "cocaine king of Milan" will return home to Italy this weekend as Uruguay has agreed to extradite him. Mr. Morabito was on the run from the Milanese courts for 23 years.

The former head of the 'Ndrangheta crime gang was one of Europe’s most wanted men since 1995.

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Even though his lawyer claims Mr. Morabito will fight the extradition with an appeal in Italian courts, there is no stopping him being flown over for the weekend.

Uruguay's El País newspaper states that even with the crimes committed in their country, they would have enough to convict him and are therefore glad to hand him over rather than await a new trial.

If statistics are to be believed then the 'Ndrangheta gang controls some 80% of all of Europe's cocaine trade. According to South American Police, Mr. Morabito had set up a system to smuggle hundreds of kilos of cocaine from Brazil to Italy in the past decade as well.

Peculiar detail is that a fight with his wife led to his arrest. Mr. Morabito lived in a luscious villa outside of the center but after a row with his spouse last September he took up residence in a downtown hotel in the Uruguayan capital Montevideo for a few days. Legend has it that he used his real name, probably in a fit of rage, to book the hotel room.

After his arrest, police searched his villa in Punta del Este where they uncovered large piles of cash, 13 mobile phones, and 150 passport-sized photos of Morabito in different guises to be used in various international identity documents.


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