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News Organizations Increasing Security

Many news organisations across the US that are increasing their security. Just in the past few months, the Washington Post has added more security on the doors of its D.C. headquarters and they have also increased the number of security personnel walking about the newsrooms throughout the day. They aren't the only news agency in D.C. to be making changes, McClatchy Newspapers' has started requiring staff to swipe a keycard to access many of the floors in their downtown D.C. building.

Kristin Roberts, the executive director of McClatchy Washington said "We upgraded security from essentially nothing to something consistent with other news organizations in Washington. It wasn't in response to a specific threat. It's simply general acknowledgement of the environment in which we all work." It seems reasonable for news outlets not take these precautionary measures considering the recent Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. This kind of attack shows that the media is a target for terrorists and these tightened security procedures are likely to continue in the near future.

It not just national news agencies that are increasing security efforts. A general manager for a Florida TV station told a news reporter that threats to his new outlet had increased tenfold since the last election. He said "environment of hostility from anti-government groups and our government" has led to many more "accusations that TV stations are either carrying the water for the liberals, giving Trump too much press coverage or being part of a fake news apparatus." Because of this he decided to build a fence around the perimeter of his TV station and step up the security measures for visitors to the station.

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