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Italy Elections – Winners Present Programs

A week after the Italian elections, the dust has settled on the result and the winners Mr. Di Maio (of the anti-establishment and anti-Eurozone ‘Five-Star-Movement’) and Mr. Salvini (of the anti-Eurozone and anti-Immigrant ‘Lega Nord’) have presented the programs to be fulfilled should their party be selected to form a government. Though they both prefer to form a coalition with the left-wing PD so that they are ensured leadership of a new government, it would seem they can agree on one proposal already: lowering taxes.


Europe is looking ever more worried to Italy as it realizes either one of the anti-European parties will certainly be in the government. Talks of leaving the Eurozone or organizing a referendum on it have not been heard yet, but it is clear that neither the Lega Nord nor the Five-Star-Movement will want any difficulties laid in their path by Europe as their government begins.

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The Italian President (who holds a mostly ceremonial function) will allow to start negotiations between parties in two weeks, after a cooling period in which the various players present their plans.

<b>Lega Nord</b>

Mr. Matteo Salvini of the Lega Nord holds the best cards some say, as he has formed a coalition with former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and their group took some 38% of the votes. Furthermore, Mr. Berlusconi has admitted in an interview with an Italian newspaper that he would honor the gentleman’s agreement between the two men and would let Mr. Salvini choose the prime minister.

Mr. Berlusconi said in an interview with newspaper Corriere della Sera that: “In full respect of our agreement, we will now loyally support attempts by Matteo Salvini to form a government.”

“I am here to support him, to guarantee the solidity of the coalition and keep our commitments with the voters.”

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The group of Mr. Salvini and Mr. Berlusconi has vowed to lower taxes for Italians, renegotiate existing deals with the EU and solve the immigration problem (though no specifics as to numbers were given with regards to the last point).


Mr. Di Maio of the Five-Star-Movement (who got most of his support in the poorer South of Italy) has got the biggest single party numbers with 32% of the vote. He said that if his party is elected to lead the new government, they would press for their plans presented to voters to go ahead. In this, there would be a ‘universal income’ and lower taxes.

Their probable leader in the Senate, Mr. Danilo Toninelli said: "If we propose issues like universal income, lower taxes and an anti-corruption law, which are also present in the programmes of other political forces, they owe us an answer."


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