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Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Cries When Sentenced To Seven Years

Once smug and disruptive during his court appearances, the now sentenced "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli shed tears when the judge handed him 7 years in federal prison. Shkreli cried as he apologized to a federal judge for scamming investors, a far cry from his previous attitudes.

U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto sentenced the 34-year-old Shkreli after he was convicted last year of securities fraud. During his sentencing, he spoke of how no one else is to blame for his mistakes, not the media, not the government, and not his business partners. He also added he hopes to make amends and learn from the errors of his past ways.

In an apology to his investors, Shkreli said, "I'm not the same person I was. I know right from wrong. I know what it means to tell the truth and what it means to lie. I am terribly sorry I lost your trust. You deserve far better." His attorney, Benjamin Brafman, asked Judge Matsumoto to sentence the former pharmaceutical CEO to 18 months in prison.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jacquelyn Kasulis wasn't interested in a light sentence and sought 15 years as punishment not because he is "the most hated man in America" but rather for the series nature of his crimes. She also pointed out to the judge that Shkreli's behavior in past court proceedings showed "no respect whatsoever" for the law.

"I also want to make clear that Mr. Shkreli is not a child," Kasulis told the court. "Mr. Shkreli is about to turn 35 years old, he’s a man. He’s not a teenager who just needs some mentoring. He is a man who needs to take responsibility for his actions." Judge Matsumoto insisted the media circus surrounding the defendant did not alter his perceptions.

"Whatever adverse media attention he has brought upon himself with his online presence is … not before me," she said. Earlier this week, Matsumoto ruled that Shkreli would have to forfeit over $7.3 million in a brokerage account and personal assets.

Shkreli became known for hiking the price of a drug produced by his company by 5,000 percent. He even purchased the sole copy of a Wu-Tang album for over $1 million, an item the feds sought when they froze his assets. Shkreli would often troll people online during his live streams and on Twitter.

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Anonymous No. 20234 2018-03-10 : 07:19


His ass will never survive untouched

Anonymous No. 20241 2018-03-10 : 09:26

Don't play by the rules of (((Big Pharma))) expect their goys to take everything you own and destroy your life.

Anonymous No. 20246 2018-03-10 : 10:30

May he have to one day purchase his needed medications at the prices he charged.

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