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Tennessee - State Trooper Faced With Lawsuit For Inappropriate Touching On Traffic Stop

Despite what Isaiah Lloyd claims, there is evidently nowhere in the Tennessee Highway Patrol protocol that states you should put your fingers inside a woman's shorts when frisking a suspect. Lloyd is now faced with a lawsuit filed by the Campbell County mother who alleges that after being groped and inappropriately touched by the trooper he waited for three hours near her house so he could pull her over again. Officer Lloyd claims to have no memory of the conversation during that second stop.

Patricia Aileen Wilson was stopped twice within three hours in August of 2017. In the first stop, he placed his fingers inside of her low-waisted shorts during the supposed frisking procedure during what a prosecutor has deemed a "legally suspect" search. In the second stop, he decided to turn up the charm a bit telling Patricia, "We have to stop meeting like this."

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Lloyd has been disciplined three separate times since the stops in August that are the base of the upcoming lawsuit. Each time he was given an oral warning, according to Lloyd's personnel file. Lloyd was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing but the case was forwarded for review by the 8th Judicial District Attorney General Jared Effler who has launched a review of his history regarding traffic stop procedures. Lloyd's actions have been deemed constitutionally unsound in ordering the woman out of her truck and searching inside her shorts as well as the field sobriety test which was conducted without any probable cause. Lloyd has been recommended for retraining.

According to records obtained by USA Today Network-Tennesssee, the Tennessee Highway Patrol issued Lloyd an oral warning for his inappropriate behavior. THP commanders wrote in the documents that they found no evidence that Lloyd intended to sexually harass or molest Wilson and claimed the whole issue was a matter of bad judgment and his being shaky on the protocols and procedures of the THP.


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Anonymous No. 20210 2018-03-09 : 17:00

She was asking for it.

Anonymous No. 20211 2018-03-09 : 17:05

To be honest, that woman is a little too beautiful :(

Anonymous No. 20243 2018-03-10 : 10:17

Sounds like a mutual kink session.

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