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Clinton's Foundation Benefits In Uranium Deal With Russia

The Democratic party nominee, Hillary Clinton is in the race for presidency; she happens to enjoy undisputed support from the Democratic Party, but why? As the November elections are around the corner, Clinton’s likelihood to win the elections is diminishing by the hour. This stems from the numerous corrupt deals she has been engaging in over the past couple of years. The Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton has loads of explanations to make in regards to her role in the many foreign contributions that she made as Secretary of State. Clinton’s behavior raises numerous questions as to why she delved in many scrupulous deals despite being wealthy. The Clinton’s Foundation was used by many foreign leaders and business people who hoped to earn favors from Clinton in case she becomes the next U.S. president. The Uranium deal is one of the concrete examples that will lead you to the conclusion that Clinton’s cloud of corruption lenders her unfit for the presidential seat.

WikiLeaks website released a thread of emails that demonstrate close communication between members of the Clinton’s Foundation and Clinton’s Campaign team. The released emails are part of the hacked emails that belonged to the Chairman of the Clinton’s Presidential campaign John Podesta.

The emails reveal that the senior vice-president of the Clinton’s Foundation had warned top members of Clinton’s Presidential Campaign that the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee was enquiring on why the State Department had approved the sale of American uranium assets to a Russian Firm; the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee had also instructed the Department of Justice to investigate the matter.

The senior United States senator from Lowa, Charles Grassley had stated that the sale of nearly 25 percent of United States Uranium was such a crucial undertaking for it to be approved so fast. In an email sent to the chairman of Clinton’s presidential campaign John Podesta, Maura Pally who oversees communication at the Clinton’s Foundation told Podesta that Charles Grassley had sent a letter to the Attorney General enquiring on the role of the Clinton’s Foundation and the Uranium One deal.

The email from Maura Pally seemed to be tipping off the Clinton’s Presidential campaign chairman of the impending danger since she knew that they were involved, otherwise, she shouldn’t have sent the email. In a strange turn of events, John Podesta forwarded the email to other four recipients who are top members of the Clinton’s Campaign. The first recipient was a former director of communications to President Obama but later she joined the Clinton’s campaign; her name is Jennifer Palmeiri. The second recipient was the deputy communications director of the Clinton’s campaign, the third recipient was Tony Carrk who is the campaign research director, and finally the last recipient was also a deputy campaign director her name Christina Reynolds.

Two years ago, John Podesta had received investments worth $35 million. This money had been sourced from a firm in Russia, it’s no coincidence that the FBI listed the same company after it tried to use American Intellectual property and Technology.

Charles Grassley’s email to the Attorney General raised several concerns that are worth mulling about. The letter pointed out that the Clinton’s Foundation was connected to several investors who conducted a transaction that involved the purchase of the owner of U.S. based uranium assets, a company known as Uranium One. The company was purchased by Atomredmetzoloto, the same frim happens to be a subsidiary of a Russian owned company Rosatom. This transaction weighed heavily concerning matters of national security since the result was a 20 percent transfer of Uranium production to the Russians.

Charles continued to point out that the Committee on Foreign Investment In United States, in which Hillary Clinton was a member, since she was the secretary of state; conducted a review of the Uranium One transaction. As the transaction for the acquisition of the Uranium One firm was at its critical moments, the Clinton Foundation received large sums of donations from parties that had interest in the deal/transaction. All these occurrences took place while Hillary was a member of the Committee On Foreign Investment in United States; since she was the Secretary of State. Charles outlines his concern on the fact that millions of donations were being paid to the very people who were charged with the responsibility of determining whether the decision to approve the transaction should be made or not.

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