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DNC Fires All Employees

The Democratic National Committee has undergone a major re-arrangement of it organization. The DNC Chairman Tom Perez launched the process which seeks to fix the recent wave of scandals that have surrounded the party’s organization.

The party has requested resignation letter from all current staffers. The move is not a big surprise since it was anticipated after Tom Perez took over as the new Chairman of the party.

This will give Tom Perez time to start DNC’s headquarters from scratch. The party had experienced an all-time low after a round of post-election layoffs.

Leah Daughtry was an adviser to the outgoing DNC Chair Donna Brazile. She asked every employee to submit a letter of resignation dated 15th April. Leah requested the employees immediately after Perez’s selection as party chairman.

A top-to-bottom review process is being conducted by the committee advising Perez on his transition. The committee is interviewing staff and other to decide who will stay and who will go.

The party is expected to announce the major staffing and organizational changes in the coming weeks. DNC spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa reported that the move is a longstanding precedent in the DNC party and it has in multiple Chair transitions. Hinojosa also pointed out that the process started before the election of new chair.

Perez is taking the party’s leadership at a time when the party has faced major obstacles. It started with the allegations that the DNC favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. The party was also exposed after its emails were hacked. The former chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz also resigned abruptly. Finally, the party lost the presidential election.

The party has been facing major crisis of competence and confidence. Tom Perez will have the responsibility of rebuilding the party. Perez is reported to have spent a great deal of time listening to the Democrats in Washington and other small groups across the country before he takes any important actions.

The party is expected to conduct a national search to fill the key positions. The process will be overseen by 30-odd members of the transition advisory committee.

Many Democrats have complained about the consultants and vendors, as a result, the committee is also reviewing the DNC's contracts with outside vendors and consultants.


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