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Rancher Ryan Bundy Runs For Nevada Governor

Rancher Ryan Bundy, one of the leaders of two armed standoffs with U.S. federal agents, has announced an independent campaign to run for governor of Nevada.

"I intend to secure the sovereignty of the state of Nevada and its land and resources for the people of Nevada," Bundy said. Bundy did not elaborate further but has called for the U.S. government to relinquish control of vast federal land holdings in the past.

The announcement came from Bundy himself on Thursday when he explained he doesn't believe the other candidates running to replace Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval would make protecting states' rights a priority.

The 45-year-old rancher is the son of Cliven Bundy and the brother of Ammon Bundy. The brothers made headlines in 2016 when they occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in protest of the Burea of Land Management (BLM). Just two years before that, a similar standoff occurred at Cliven's ranch in 2014.

The family recently won criminal cases over the armed confrontations which took place in two different states, Oregon and Nevada. The dispute stemmed from a roundup of Bundy cattle by the BLM after the federal agency said the family owed millions in grazing fees.

Ryan Bundy's bid for Nevada governor looks to replace the current governor since the terms are time-limited.

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Anonymous No. 20183 2018-03-09 : 10:01

I'd vote for him.

Maybe I could pull a Liberal Harry trick and use the same Ghost Voters also, just to add some irony to it the process.

Anonymous No. 20202 2018-03-09 : 14:10

Yea, "we came from all over the country to make sure bundy wins" or how about the other way vote as many times as it's possible to get in line.

The difference is people on the right do things the "right" way. The left is the people that play dirty, cheat, and basically try to go against the flow. It's like they have a need to make a fuss. I think midterms are going to make a bunch of them cower in their safe spot.

Just thinking how the hell do they deal with the earthquakes? Probably this way… Doc I cannot work any longer cause my safe spot wasn't all that safe. During the earthquake some stuff fell and almost hit me.

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