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Forget? - Muslim Refugees Molest and Pee on 5 Year Old Girl in Idaho

On June 2, 2016, a young girl was sexually molested by a group of refugees in Idaho. Since this incident her parents have struggled to take the case through the courts in Idaho and have had little to no support or coverage from the media. The image of refugees molesting young girls doesn't sit very well with the lefties so it has been swept under the rug; but this incident is truly disgusting and deserves attention.

The five year old girl who struggles with learning difficulties was assaulted in the laundry room of Fawnbrook Apartments in Idaho. A fourteen year old Sudanese boy shot a video of two Iraqi boys making contact with the girl with their genitals, they then urinated in the girl's mouth and on her body. The incident was stopped when an 89 year old retiree saw what was happening, who knows what may have happened if this resident hadn't come to the rescue. Since this sickening event, the young girl's parents have endured public shaming and a barrage of hate from the police, councilors and even a retired Supreme Court justice.

The girl's mother said "We have been treated horribly. The way I feel, our case has been pushed under the rug and soon to be forgotten about. Since June we moved into a house that we can hardly even afford. We were totally fine in the apartments until now." The parents who live on a low income are struggling to pay for their legal bills and have set of a GoFundMe account to support them through this tough time. The court case has been pushed back several times but is thought to go ahead around the beginning of April.

It's times like this when we should all look very closely at ourselves and see things without the politically correct goggles on. You have to ask yourself how the media would have covered the event had it been the other way around, some American boys sexually assaulting an immigrant girl, front page news surely? This disgusting event displays some clear problems in the way our country and local councils handle things and this needs to change. People shouldn't be afraid of standing up for their own rights.

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martin macvicar No. 2034 2017-03-29 : 18:02

Wonder how factually correct the article is? Sound like a rightist story -

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