By: Chris Yalom | 03-29-2017 | News
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A Super Tall Skyscraper That Will Orbit From An Asteroid Is Unveiled

New York-based architecture firm Clouds Architecture Office drew up plans for Analemma Tower, a tower that will overturn the established skyscraper designs.

In a bid to get around terrestrial height restrictions, Clouds Architecture Office proposed suspending the world's tallest skyscraper from an asteroid; the tower will be suspended from an orbiting asteroid 31,068 miles (50,000 km) above the Earth. The only way to leave the tower is to parachute back to earth.

The orbital path of the tower swings in a figure eight pattern between the northern and southern hemispheres each day. It would give residents a tour through different parts of the world all in just a 24 hour orbital cycle. Part of the orbit would see the building pass over midtown Manhattan.

The tower will be powered by solar panels that are mounted on the uppermost levels; these will generate power through constant exposure to sunlight. Water will be collected from condensation of clouds and rain water.

The tower will have many sections; each section is dedicated to different activities. It provides sections for business, worship, dining, shopping and entertainment.

The size and shape of the windows adapts to the different exertions of the atmosphere as well as temperature.

Construction of the tower will use prefabricated modules that would be hoisted up from earth and plugged into the building's extendable core. It would be secured by cables to the asteroid.

Architects said that it can be constructed anywhere in the world and transported to its final location since the new tower design is suspended in the air.

NASA has already scheduled an asteroid retrieval mission for 2021, this aims to prove the workability of capturing and relocating an asteroid.

The firm explained through the course of history humanity has been able to affect the environment on increasing scales.


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