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Seattle - Home Invasion Leaves Elderly Woman Pistol-Whipped And Shot

A violent home invasion left an elderly woman injured in Seattle after she was pistol-whipped and shot by the intruders. Police say just before 4 p.m., two young men thought to be teenagers attacked an elderly man while he tended to the garden of his home in South Seattle.

Capt. Kevin Grossman of the Seattle Police Department said, "They followed him inside the house." Once inside, the homeowner and the intruders got into an altercation and that is when his 71-year-old wife was pistol-whipped and shot in the shoulder.

A resident named Pearl Campbell who lives across the street said, "It makes me very nervous, it makes me feel like I don’t want to come outside. I see the police cars and I was like, oh my Lord, what is going on now?" Other neighbors said the couple is Vietnamese Americans who lived peacefully until today's events.

A bus stop along South Renton Avenue means a lot of people walk up and down the street but Campbell says she would never have imagined her neighbors would be assaulted. "I think it’s safe. I’ve been here for over 20 years. It’s been pretty good. I mean, we’ve had some incidents, but nothing too bad," Campbell explained.

According to police, the two suspects then ran from the home and are described as being light-skinned black males in their late teens. The one who was armed with a handgun is around 6-feet tall and was wearing a white jacket with white pants. The second male was closer to 5'6'' with a skinny mustache and a blue jacket with dark pants.

Police were able to release <a href="">a video of the suspect's vehicle</a> from a nearby homeowner's surveillance system. Investigators are still searching for the suspects with the help of police dogs. The woman's condition is serious but stable and she is expected to fully recover from her injuries.

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Anonymous No. 20115 2018-03-08 : 07:57

This supports the idea stupid people breed more than intelligent ones. I hope they get locked away for at least a decade, attempted murder, felon in possession of a handgun, using a deadly weapon in the commission of a crime, plus there are two of them so conspiracy charges apply, the prosecutor should be able to get these guys locked away for a long, long time

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