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Scientists Say In-Vitro Fertilization Infringes On Women's Rights

Scientists are speaking up about an issue they say treats women unfairly and making them pay the price for men's falling fertility. They cited dropping numbers in men's sperm counts, as much as 50 percent lower worldwide since the 1970's.

The drop in sperm count is attributed to a variety of factors from chemicals in the environment, pollution, steroids, protein shakes, and even tight underwear. To get past men's infertility issues, In-Vitro Fertilization has become a popular option for achieving pregnancy.

This process involves injecting a sperm directly into an egg, before implanting it into the mother and it is regularly used to bypass male infertility. Now, scientists are saying the process infringes 'the basic human rights and dignity of women' because they are forced to undergo the invasive procedure which involves harvesting their eggs and implanting an embryo even though they themselves are fertile.

The UK equivalent of IVF is called intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and it has accounted for more than half of all assisted fertility treatments in the UK. Professor Richard Sharpe, from the Medical Research Council Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of Edinburgh, said ICSI was a crude method of by-passing a problem instead of treating it.

Sharpe said at a news briefing in London, "The treatments, and they're quite invasive, are to the female partner. So the female is having to bear the burden of the male's sub-fertility. In a world in which we claim to be addressing the inequalities between men and women, this is a stand-out example of the infringement of basic human rights and dignity."

"Maybe women undergoing treatment during ICSI can begin to apply pressure at the point of delivery of (their) treatment, asking 'why can't you treat him rather than me?"Sharpe continued. He also warned that there was still no long-term data on the long-term health impact of ICSI on the children it produced.

"We still don't know what causes most cases of male infertility and so, of course, we don't have the tools to correct it, because we don't understand it," he said. "The flip side of that coin is that we can't induce infertility for contraceptive purposes. We haven't developed a new effective acceptable (male) contraceptive since the condom."

In the UK, sperm counts have also mysteriously dropped in men by nearly 50 percent since 1973 and 2011.

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Anonymous No. 20114 2018-03-08 : 07:56

Good thing it's opt in for women. What rights are being infringed again?

>failing birthrates

Chemicals and a sedentary lifestyle. Take your pick of sugars or fluoride, its still the jews either way

david brainerd No. 20117 2018-03-08 : 07:58

Maybe if women would stop riding the cock carousel until 30 and get married and have kids with a husband around 18 like in the good ole days, they wouldn't be facing a supposedly infertile husband who is 50? DUH! FUCK YOU BITCHES. ACT RIGHT OR DIE CHILDLESS WITH YOUR FUCKING CATS. Oh wait, but women are having babies all over! Just not with husbands, but with pieces of shit in one night stands. So what the fuck are you retards even complaining about?

Anonymous No. 20118 2018-03-08 : 08:38

If female fertility was the issue, and rectifying it involved invasive procedures on her partner, would it be claimed that men are being victimized?

Anon No. 20166 2018-03-09 : 00:00

I like how these "scientists" blame men for their sub - fertility and not the society that allows pornography, floridated water, estrogen filled foods, laziness, and faggotry.

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