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IRS Agent Indicted for Raping Their Summer Intern

A Boston-based Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent has been indicted on multiple charges of aggravated rape, indecent assault, battery and other charges in relation to an incident last year where he is accused of assaulting a college student.

The Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley’s office identified the IRS agent as 44-year-old James Clarke. Clarke is charged in relation to an incident that allegedly took place on July 26 last year. The agent allegedly invited a 21-year-old woman for drinks after work. He then offered her a lift to South Station so she could catch her train to go home.

Instead, Clarke allegedly brought the victim inside the Government Center garage where he also parked his IRS-owned car. Officials say that Clarke then proceeded to abuse the woman- starting with violently handcuffing the woman while parked in the garage, assaulting her with his service firearm, and then forcing her to engage in sexual acts.

Conley’s office citing forensic tests and medical records they obtained also said that an “additional assaultive act occurred inside the car” while it was outside South Station.

After abusing the victim, Clarke left her at the South Station, where she called police, and was promptly brought to the hospital for check-up and possible treatment.

The agent’s attorney, Michael Doolin, said on Wednesday that Clarke denies the allegations made against him and “looks forward to being vindicated” in court.

Clarke is set to be arraigned on April 5.

The woman was then working as a summer intern in the IRS office as an investigative analyst, assisting agents working on criminal investigations.

Clarke was allowed to remain on his job for months despite the allegations, even after the woman called 911 to accuse him of rape and other charges. Clarke was not arrested since the alleged assault and was permitted to continue working in the IRS despite an ongoing investigation then.

The IRS has yet to issue a clarification or statement as to whether Clarke has been placed on leave since the indictments.


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