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Mike Cernovich Leaves 60 Minutes Host Scott Pelley at a Loss for Words

Seriously, the fakest of fake media needs to get it together!

Once again, the mainstream media is doing everything they can to humiliate themselves. The culprit of the latest incident, Scott Pelley, just showed the world how naive and silly the leftists are.

In CBS's long running 60 minutes, the host was doing a segment on fake news with the aim of exposing the right-wing movement. Of course it doesn't work. The segment began with a propenageda introduction by Pelley, in which he called right-winger Mike Cernovich a "con artist". I am not joking here, the host accused someone as a "con artist" even before letting the interview subject speak. That's how the mainstream media conduct business these days and that's how low they are willing to crawl down to to make so-called "news".

Luckily, Mike Cernovich is no dummy. He knew before walking in the interview room that whatever comes out of his mouth will be heavily edited and biased and so he published a part of the interview online by himself, so everyone can be a judge in how his performance rank.

Despite giving an unfair start, Mike Cernovich did a marvelous job in handling the interview, dodging all the giant bullets and makes the extremely unprofessional Scott pelley looks like a sad clown. Scott Pelley had done everything he can to show his favourism to the Hailay Clinton campaign and when being asked why he trusts the Hailley camiagn so much, the hostile host was left speechless. When clever audiences watch the interview and the release side by side, they can examine how well Mr. Cernovich has done in compare to how idiotic the interviewer sounds. Sadly, the mainstream media never take the power of the truth seriously. It is just another example showing how stupid the mainstream media is. An another win for the conservative movement.

Mr. Pelley, let me give you a journalism 101 lesson: Don't interview people with legitimate background and knowledge on the topic and then call them "Con Artist". And for the sack of our country, consider quitting your job and go back to school.

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